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Macrophages (Jesse Travaini, n10747028)

  1. 2. 6.Macrophages are cells that belong to a category of cells called.
  2. 3. 3.The movement of a macrophage.
  3. 8. 2.The fold of the macrophages' plasma membrane that is used to consume an organism.
  4. 9. 1.The act of a macrophage consuming an organism.
  5. 10. 7.A vesicle which is formed around the microbe by the macrophage cell membrane.
  1. 1. 5.Macrophages are produced through the differentiation of ...
  2. 4. 10.The type of macrophage that is in the alveoli of the lungs.
  3. 5. 8.A fused lysosome and phagosome is called ...
  4. 6. 4.The sacs inside the macrophage used to digest organisms.
  5. 7. 9.Macrophages belong to a domain called ...