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Looking At You, Punk Rock Bowling

  1. 2. Almost missed their PRB set due to the British Airways debacle
  2. 6. This artist designed the cover of the PRB 20 Year Anniversary book
  3. 10. The activist that joined The Specials for a song at PRB 2019
  4. 12. Iconic venue in Las Vegas where PRB shows were held in the early 2000's
  5. 13. Large beer garden on the festival grounds
  6. 14. The original PRB souvenir cups were in what shape
  7. 15. (Blank) Slide
  8. 17. During PRB weekend, someone fell through the skylight at this casino
  9. 19. PRB staple, "Dude Where's My (blank)"
  10. 20. The Bosstones played this album in it's entirety at PRB
  11. 21. Oldest person to play a show at PRB
  1. 1. Two members of this band played in the Rush Lounge of the Golden Nugget
  2. 3. First band to play a PRB "Secret Show"
  3. 4. Name of the album played in full at PRB 2019
  4. 5. Zero Boys,The Freeze, Shattered Faith, Grindline The Band
  5. 7. A statue of this racist was smashed at PRB 2017
  6. 8. Two-piece that played PRB 2018
  7. 9. Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, Dead To Me, Nothington, Modern Terror
  8. 11. This band's set was delayed due to storms
  9. 16. Traditional PRB tournament that takes place on Friday
  10. 18. (Blank) Happy Hour