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revolutionary war -by JF

  1. 4. Kings response to the Boston Tea Party
  2. 7. Tax on all sugar products including molasses
  3. 8. Author of the Declaration of Independence
  4. 9. First person to be killed in the Boston Massacre
  5. 11. Taxed glass, lead, paint, paper and tea
  6. 12. king of England
  7. 13. Rode the midnight ride
  8. 14. Required colonists to buy special tax stamps for all kinds of products
  1. 1. Allowed British east India company to sell tea directly to the colonists
  2. 2. Tension between colonists and red coats peaked and a fight broke out
  3. 3. served as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army
  4. 5. Protest against the Tea Act
  5. 6. Published the Common Sense
  6. 10. To house British troops and take care of them
  7. 15. England's name for the French and Indian War