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Senior Boys Crossword (First and Last Name)

  1. 3. Played Football and ran track for his first time this year (thrower and sprinter).
  2. 8. NOCLUE
  3. 10. Came back to Fredericktown High School from the career center for his Senior Year
  4. 11. Is attending West Point after he graduates.
  5. 12. Is Varsity pitcher for the baseball team and also plays right field.
  6. 14. Works at Pizza Dock.
  7. 15. Is in Sports Medicine at the Career Center. He was also on the football team.
  8. 16. Plans on attending Ashland University and was on the basketball and baseball teams.
  9. 18. NOCLUE
  10. 20. NOCLUE
  11. 24. Broke the school record for most shots in a high school career for basketball.
  12. 25. Ran Cross Country and plays Baseball.
  13. 28. Percussion Co-Section Leader and is attending Ohio State Newark this fall for engineering.
  14. 29. Does the announcements every morning.
  15. 31. Snowboards and is a first year baseball player for the High School team.
  16. 32. NOCLUE
  1. 1. Played the role of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Spring musical "Annie Warbucks."
  2. 2. Goes to the Career Center for Auto Tech.
  3. 4. Spends most of his time tweeting up a storm on Twitter when he isn't playing Baseball. Plans on attending Bluffton University.
  4. 5. NOCLUE
  5. 6. Runs Cross Country and was in the top 7. This person graduated early as well.
  6. 7. Played Football and Basketball, plans on working construction after he graduates.
  7. 9. Attends the Career Center for Informational Technology.
  8. 11. NOCLUE
  9. 13. Going into the Air Force after he graduates.
  10. 17. NOCLUE
  11. 19. Played the Count from Italy in the fall play "It Happens Every Summer."
  12. 21. Ran Cross Country and Track (Distance runner).
  13. 22. Senior Class President and is attending Capital University to play baseball.
  14. 23. Played Basketball for the first time this year. Plans on attending Western Carolina University to play baseball.
  15. 26. Was a lineman on the football team and attends the Career Center for Auto Tech.
  16. 27. Came back to Fredericktown from the Career Center for his senior year. He runs sprints and hurdles on the track team.
  17. 30. Band President and is attending Ohio State Main Campus in the fall.