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Tech Theatre Review

  1. 4. The person in charge of the artistic vision for a show
  2. 8. The person who creates all dance movement for a show
  3. 9. The type of mic that needs phantom power
  4. 12. The type of theatre stage we have at Leon
  5. 13. The place where tickets are sold (2 words)
  6. 15. The type of set that uses multiple pieces that move around to create the scenes
  7. 16. NO _____ left behind!
  8. 17. The sheet of film that can be placed in front of light to change its color
  1. 1. The bar on which we hang things to fly in and out
  2. 2. A thing on the sound/light board that you can move up or down
  3. 3. The front curtain, most downstage (2 words)
  4. 5. The thing you pull down to fly something in
  5. 6. Set design element that rolls out onto stage (a rolling platform)
  6. 7. The type of cable that plugs into a microphone
  7. 10. The type of tape we use to mark the stage for pieces of set
  8. 11. A metal stencil placed inside the ETC Sourcefour that creates the shape of an image
  9. 12. The person who funds a show
  10. 14. The curtain upstage that spreads light