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The Road to Merger

  1. 1. A ____________________ was held in 1962 and the people chose to support merger.
  2. 4. However, some PAP members did not agree to the merger and split away from PAP, formed ___________ Front.
  3. 7. With the merger, Singapore hope that a _________ market could be established so that goods would not be taxed. Trade will also increase, leading to growth in manufacturing industries in Singapore.
  4. 8. Tunku did not want merger at first because it will upset the ____________ balance of power with one million Chinese in Singapore.
  5. 10. The KL government believed in 'Malay Malaysia' but Singapore wanted racial equality, believed in _______________ Malaysia.
  1. 2. Singapore could hold elections to elect its own state government. It would have control over _________________ and labour in Singapore.
  2. 3. The British felt that it was ideal for Malaya to merge with Singapore as Malaya was hard on __________ during Emergency.
  3. 5. One of the key disagreement that even indirectly caused racial riots in Singapore was the ____________________ enjoyed by Malays.
  4. 6. One of the reasons that led to separation was disagreement regarding ______________. Singapore's contribution was to increase from 40% to 60%, reducing its funds available to run the state.
  5. 9. Singapore was facing high unemployment and declining entrepot trade in the 1950D. Thus, if merger were to take place, Malaya would be able to provide Singapore with raw _____________ for its manufacturing industries.