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World of the Empire v2

  1. 2. they assist the founder in running IRC channels
  2. 6. Goddess worshipped by the Fae
  3. 7. are most comfortable in the depths of the seas and oceans of the world
  4. 8. God of the Sithian
  5. 10. best distinguished and known for their huge shaggy bodies and extraordinary ugliness
  6. 14. The battle steeds of heavy clad armored knights
  7. 15. purchased for vaginal + anal stimulation
  8. 18. in here, people appreciate finely crafted items and the entertainment provided by a bard
  9. 19. She is the mistress of manipulation disguised in the delicate robes of sensual pleasure
  10. 20. two things that define who your character in Belariath
  11. 23. An undergarment that Ehlanna claims
  12. 24. the main Goddess for the Moriel
  13. 26. boss lady of the 'Bird
  1. 1. purchased for two-person enjoyment
  2. 3. Be nice! She's that pay lady!
  3. 4. often spend their entire lives within the stone, mining for gold, silver, and precious gems
  4. 5. conspicuously clever, quick of tongue, and even quicker of fingers
  5. 9. A "guild" of people one should NOT try to anger
  6. 11. have been a deep thorn in the side of 'civilized' society almost the world
  7. 12. currency of Belariath
  8. 13. Ops will almost certainly require these as evidence when you need to make a complaint
  9. 16. A "hot" male drak sen?
  10. 17. simple band of armor that comes in regular metal and mithril
  11. 20. They are the ultimate trackers and woodsmen, the stewards of the forests
  12. 21. GS item that holds two equip slots, will sleep 5 average people
  13. 22. can be considered as following someone from room to room and generally making someone feel uncomfortable by a continual presence
  14. 25. race, who's ultimate purpose is to serve their Goddess, Morpheous