Christianity: Key Beliefs


5. The belief that God became human in the person of Jesus.

7. Christians believe that after the Resurrection, Jesus did not die again, but went up to heaven to be with the Father and Spirit

8. One God, but expressed in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

9. Jesus’ death making up for the sins of humanity, and repairing the broken relationship between God and humans.

10. Deliverance from sin through God’s forgiveness, making eternal life in heaven possible.


1. A word that describes the all-loving nature of God.

2. Some say this was the ultimate miracle – Jesus rising from the dead after three days

3. The Christian belief that God will decide who is worthy of heaven in the afterlife

4. The all-knowing nature of God, which suggests he is also omnipresent (always present).

6. All-powerful. Christians believe this is a quality of God.