Discover Engineering


1. An engineer has a university _______.

3. This type of engineering combines engineering with human anatomy

5. This type of engineer research and design airplanes and other flying equipment. They designed, for example, the Canadarm on the space shuttle.

8. This type of engineer specializes in extracting metal from ore.

10. Without this type of engineer, we wouldn't have power in our homes!

12. This type of engineer designs vehicles.

13. This is one of the oldest types of engineering. They design roads, bridges, railways, buildings, etc.

14. These engineers specialize in computer hardware and software.

15. This type of engineer focuses on extracting minerals from the Earth's crust.


2. This type of engineer designs systems that work to prevent pollution.

4. One thing this type of engineer designs is tall skyscraper buildings.

6. This type of engineer designs things like televisions and video games.

7. This type of engineer uses chemistry to design a range of different products, from food to cleaning products to explosives, and beyond!

8. This type of engineer designs machines, engines and other equipment that includes moving parts.

9. Engineering is also called _________ science.

11. These engineers explore, recover and develop methods to process oil and gas.