Unconventional Heroes


3. A name, usually shorter than the original one, which is used when we show affection for someone

7. Objects that can be shot from a weapon, such as bullets or bombs

10. The feeling we have when we like to spend time with someone you get on well with

11. What people show, feel or express when somebody has done a valorous action, like save somebody's life

13. on In case of a problem, you know you can … your best friends to help you out

14. A person who underwent an attack, who is wounded

15. Refers to a group of soldiers (mainly plural)

16. What happens at the end of everybody's life

17. A famous conflict which began in 1914 and finished 4 years later.

18. The people we hate, who we try to harm, with who we can fight

19. A man who fights within an army during a war


1. Ability to do something

2. A person whose job is to transmit important information

4. An animal used as a lucky charm or to represent a group of people

5. A device that blows up and causes a lot of damage

6. The place where armies fight during the war

8. When someone is getting closer and closer

9. Type of ammunition you put in a gun

12. Objects used during wars to make a building (or your opponents) blow up

16. It is what happens to a person when they are killed by someone else

19. It is what customs dogs do when they are looking for illegal substances