About Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs was built by Matt Johnson, a computer science undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before you email me for help.

When I make a crossword, it says "Sorry! My algorithm failed to make you a crossword."

If a word in your crossword cannot intersect with another word, a crossword cannot be created. For example, if you had a crossword with just the words "cat" and "dog", a crossword could not be made because there is no possible intersection between the two words.

My crossword looks cutoff when I view it online.

Scroll down. The clues appear on top of the crossword, so if your crossword is big, you need to scroll down to see the rest of it.

Does Crossword Labs work on the iPad?

The iPad ships with a less-than-stellar web browser that doesn't support many of the features that Crossword Labs uses. However, Crossword Labs is usable on the iPad (but the experience isn't as good as viewing it in a modern web browser).