About Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs was built in 2011 by Matt Johnson while he was an undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver. Now, it's one of the largest repositories of crossword puzzles on the internet – with over 1 million puzzles made.

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There are a lot of mediocre crossword puzzle makers out there. Many of them look free, and then do a bait-n-switch when you want to print. You can make and print a complete crossword puzzle on Crossword Labs for free (a paid account is optional).

Crossword Labs has no ads, no watermarks, and no registration required.

To help others find Crossword Labs, please blog about it, tweet about it, or share a link to it:

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<a href="https://crosswordlabs.com">Crossword Puzzle Maker</a>

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print my puzzle?

Go to your puzzle page, and find the aptly named "Print" button (to the right of your puzzle title). Select an option from the corresponding drop-down menu, and click "Print".

How do I print the answer key?

Go to your puzzle page, and find the aptly named "Print" button (to the right of your puzzle title). From the corresponding drop-down menu, select the aptly named "Answer Key" option, and click "Print".

How do I save the crossword as a file?

Use the Print menu in Crossword Labs to bring up the PDF version of the game. Instead of printing the PDF, use the "Save" icon in your PDF viewer to save it to your desktop.

How do I solve the puzzle online?

Just bring up your crossword, click on a cell, and start typing.

What is "Focus Mode"?

It displays the crossword without any of the Crossword Labs branding, or buttons to distract you. There is a little menu button in the bottom right corner. If you have students solving your puzzle online, you probably want to send them to the focus mode page.

Does Crossword Labs work on the iPad?

Yes. It works on just about any device.

Can I sell my crossword, or use it for commercial purposes?

Yes. No attribution to CrosswordLabs.com is required. But it's definitely appreciated.

I can't login!!!

Did you actually pay $9.95 for a membership? Most people don't buy one, because you can do basically everything without a membership (you're welcome).

If you're absolutely sure you paid for a membership, try resetting your password (you can also do that to retrieve your username).

There are no bugs with the login or password reset system. So if you're having a problem you either 1) can't remember your own email address, 2) used the wrong email address, 3) typo'd it, 4) have an overzealous spam filter, 5) or lost access to your email account. To get back in, you must send me sufficient information to track down your account, and prove account ownership. The receipt, various email addresses you may have used, card type, expiration, and last 4 all help to track it down.

My students fill out the puzzle online. How can they send it to me for grading?

Crossword Labs isn't really setup for that kind of thing. I'm trying to think of a good way to handle it. For the time being you can have your students:

  • Take a screenshot and email it to you
  • Use the "This page" option on the Crossword Labs print menu. Print it to a PDF (assuming you have a PDF printer installed), and email the PDF.
  • Use the "This page" option on the Crossword Labs print menu. Print it, and scan/photograph. Email the picture.
I filled in the crossword and now everyone can see what I typed in!!!

Only someone using your computer and web browser can see what you typed in. No one else can. CrosswordLabs saves your responses in your web browser's storage system. This ensures if you refresh the page or close the browser accidentally, you don't lose all your responses. People on other computers or different browser contexts won't see your answers.

I don't want students to see the answers! How can I hide them?

The only reason you can see the answers is because you're logged in (or you created the puzzle). Your students won't be able to see the answers when they view your puzzle. Don't believe me? Open a private window in your browser, and try to get the answer key.

I don't want students to be able to edit my crossword puzzle!

They can't. Same reason as above.

The embed code is not working the way I want it to.

Tough cookies. What you see is what you get.

How can I contact you?

Please review all the FAQs on this page before you email with a question (I get lots of emails with questions that are answered right here on this page - don't be one of those people).

Is CrosswordLabs accessible?

CrosswordsLabs should work well with screen readers. If you encounter any issues or want to suggest improvements, please email