1. 2. Three sided figure
  2. 7. To bring two or more numbers together
  3. 9. An expression of two or more algebraic terms
  4. 10. A quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised
  5. 12. relative between sets and values in math
  6. 14. A statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal
  7. 17. Take away ( a number or amount) from another to calculate the difference
  8. 18. Resembling without being identical
  9. 20. line A line which runs up and down a page
  1. 1. A branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant of any angles
  2. 3. Belonging to two or more quantities
  3. 4. A quality expressed as a sum
  4. 5. A number when multiplied by another provides a given number or expression
  5. 6. A diagram representing a system of connections or interrelations among two or more things
  6. 8. Find how many times a number contains another
  7. 11. Plane figure with four equal straight sides
  8. 13. Able to be represented by a straight line on a graph
  9. 15. involving the second and no higher power of an unknown quantity or variable
  10. 16. Result of subtracting one number from another
  11. 19. Obtain from ( a number) another that contains the first number a specified number of times