1. 2. _____ Island's name in Hokkien means "tortoise".
  2. 4. Mainland _____ was once known as Pulau Ujong.
  3. 7. The name Pulau _____ means "Granite Island" in Malay because of the granite quarries on the island.
  4. 8. Pulau Hantu means “ghost island” in Malay. It was said that ancient Malay warriors once dueled to their death and their _____ are said to remain on the island.
  1. 1. _____ Island was named after a famous amusement park in New York. The owner wanted to build a park just like it.
  2. 3. Tekong island used to be inhabited but it is now used as a training ground for _____ in the Singapore army.
  3. 5. Pulau Semakau is Singapore's only landfill. A landfill is a dumping ground for all of our _____.
  4. 6. Its old name was Pulau Belakang Mati which translates to "island behind death" in Malay but its new name means tranquility. You can cross over to this island on foot, by car, monorail and even a cable car.