Katie Dale-Everett Dance Crossword

  1. 2. What is the name of Studio Wayne McGregor's artist development initiative that Katie received support from in 2018?
  2. 3. What is the name of Katie's dance on screen company that she co-founded with her twin Rebecca Dale-Everett?
  3. 6. Where did Katie go to University?
  4. 7. What college does Katie Dale-Everett teach at?
  5. 9. What is the name of Katie Dale-Everett Dance's latest research and development project?
  6. 10. What regional powerhouse for contemporary dance based in Hampshire was Katie Dale-Everett an Associate Artist of between 2018 - 2019?
  1. 1. What 2019 project of MÓTUS's was Katie a part of culminating in an evening of the works at Milton Keynes Theatre?
  2. 4. Name another organisation (not Katie Dale-Everett Dance) that Katie is Artistic Director of.
  3. 5. Name one of the technologies used in Katie Dale-Everett Dance's work Empa.
  4. 8. What is the name of Katie Dale-Everett Dance's school project?