Book Characters Cryptic Crossword in aid of Soho Parish PTA ( see for entry conditions))

  1. 1. A facial feature, Georgia and a swiss chef together made him the last of his kind (12 JFC)
  2. 4. Noise from cows and money maker turn over a Finnish valley dweller (11 TJ)
  3. 6. His coffee was a large white one (8 HM)
  4. 10. Thief has cigarette stocked (5 CD)
  5. 11. He isn’t a minor character, appearing four times in a book with a catchy title (5,5,5,5 JH)
  6. 13. Old expression of surprise delivered unfinished and with little hesitation, has a powerful ring to it (6 JRRT)
  7. 14. Property seeker saw brims turned up (2,6 VSN)
  8. 15. The fourth of five was canonised in a Soho church (4 EB)
  1. 2. A prince rented out Soho hotel by the Yard (6 WS)
  2. 3. Caballero was a player at Plough lane, and fast. When he had Calvin Klein replaced by an unknown, overtime earnings followed (3,7 MDC)
  3. 4. Foolish Russian mixed up his and my “k” (7 FD)
  4. 5. The Capataz de cargadores of the Alien spaceship (8 JC)
  5. 7. In the TV award yankee was replaced with alpha female who was handsome, clever and rich (4 JA)
  6. 8. Magically pillage Grayson Perry (5,6 JKR)
  7. 9. Holmes’s rival chases after clergyman to find beatnik (4,8 JK)
  8. 12. Ultimate warrior had a cold with the start of every summer (8 H)