Lauren's COVID-19 Puzzle

  1. 2. How many days does everyone entering New Zealand must isolate for?
  2. 5. Which gender in NZ has reported the most number of cases?
  3. 7. How many days do returnees who need to pay for their stay in managed isolation have to pay?
  4. 8. What can visitors drop off at your house that has to be contactless?
  5. 9. Drinking alcohol does protect you against COVID-19?
  6. 10. A group of 10 or more COVID-19 cases connected through transmission and who do not all live in the same household are classed as a what?
  7. 13. What date in February was the first COVID-19 case reported in New Zealand?
  8. 18. The service user has to be what before they can be released regardless of whether they have their day 12 test result?
  9. 19. What system is the NZ Covid Tracer app?
  10. 20. Which country has recorded the most COVID-19 cases?
  1. 1. What is the name of a case with a reported history of international travel within 14 days of onset?
  2. 3. Where should you cough or sneeze into?
  3. 4. How many deaths in New Zealand have there been related to COVID-19?
  4. 6. Who declared COVID-19 as pandemic?
  5. 9. Does a negative test mean you don’t have the virus?
  6. 11. At Alert Level 1, you are not legally required to wear face coverings
  7. 12. How many people can you have at a funeral under Alert Level 3?
  8. 14. Where was COVID-19 first reported?
  9. 15. What distance should you keep in public away from others under Alert Level 2 and above?
  10. 16. Who will let you know the results of the COVID-19 test?
  11. 17. When was the Alert system introduced?