National Forum Bumper Christmas Crossword

  1. 3. A team approach shared by the National Forum and Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
  2. 5. What we in the National Forum wish you (1, 5, 9).
  3. 7. The building that houses the National Forum and played host to ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ this year.
  4. 8. ‘Five gold rings!’ and five of these in the PD Framework.
  5. 9. The National Forum’s team Award.
  6. 12. Christmas is the most ______ time of the year.
  7. 14. Most common phrase during an online call, ‘You’re on ____’.
  8. 15. Time to rest – ‘and to all a _____ ______ (4, 5).
  9. 19. There are about a hundred of these supported by the National Forum and happening across the sector this academic year.
  10. 20. ‘no go’from March 2020.
  11. 22. This year the National Forum set up a Student Associate one of these.
  1. 1. The sector’s new minister.
  2. 2. A way to show that sharing open educational resources (OER)is caring, at Christmas and all year around. C_______ C_______.
  3. 4. What we all did this year in the move to online/remote teaching, learning and assessment.
  4. 6. The student voice in recognising exceptional teachers.
  5. 10. The National Forum, in partnership with the IRC, awarded five of these in June of this year.
  6. 11. In 2020, this ‘V’ preceded teaching, meeting, coffee, drinks, concerts, hugs.
  7. 13. The topic of the PD course that the National Forum offered in collaboration with AHEAD this year.
  8. 16. Open Course for peers, Christmas Three?
  9. 17. If you can’t teach or meet face-to-face you could do this.
  10. 18. In May 2020 the National Forum launched this report about experiences of digital.
  11. 19. The acronym of the major funding awarded to the sector through the National Forum this and last year.
  12. 21. The street in Dublin 2 where the National Forum offices are.