Covid-19 Crossword Puzzle

  1. 4. During quarantine, we tried out more _______ such as baking, exercising, origami, art, or coding.
  2. 6. This is the origin country of where Covid came from.
  3. 10. Most medical companies are making and distributing this to medical workers and older people, because it will be dangerous if they get Covid. It helps their body to fight back the virus.
  4. 13. This is the year where all of this happened.
  5. 15. People began to lose their ____ because most likely their company they were working for wasn't getting enough money due to Covid,so they had to fire people.
  6. 16. What was the most sought after bathroom supply during the first weeks of Covid?
  7. 18. Face coverings that are used every day.
  8. 20. Due to people not being able to go outside, more and more people began to use this to be able to see friends and do their work or just to connect or search for information about Covid.
  9. 21. A newly discovered virus that quickly became a pandemic.
  10. 22. Quarantine actually made nature less ______ as people weren't outside as much.
  11. 24. The economy _______ after Corona, as most companies were out of service because of the lethal virus. Most people loss a lot of money, and the stock price was at a all time low.
  1. 1. A method to combat Covid that was originally meant to only be 2 weeks, which then became 8 months.
  2. 2. This was given to people during the pandemic to help them say afloat, in terms of money and paying the bills.
  3. 3. Meets Schools use this to have virtual classes with students during Covid.
  4. 5. This is when people stay far away from each other, to slow the spread of the virus.
  5. 7. A health care product that quickly became sold out after Covid, and was being resold at high prices due to the shortage of it.
  6. 8. This is the month covid was discovered in.
  7. 9. People began to excerise during the pandemic,as they had nothing to do so they became ___.
  8. 11. Some people began to get into ___ and managed to make some good creations.
  9. 12. This is the feeling most people feel during quarantine,as they have nothing to do.
  10. 14. This is the president who was in office during the pandemic.
  11. 17. Some people ____ that Covid is real, and think its a conspiracy, even though there are so many facts that disprove that theory.
  12. 19. This also crashed, as stocks were at a all time low, so people began to lose a lot of money quickly. There was no way to stop this from happening, as services were put out by covid. However, people brought more stocks from this, as soon enough, they will rise up again and it will earn them money.
  13. 21. People began to _____ more of their stuff,so there is a less chance of them catching covid. People do this with wipes,sanitazor,and sprays.
  14. 23. A lot of things, such as airplane fights and field trips were ________ because of the pandemic.