1. 1. We play soccer with our feet, so these are very important.
  2. 3. All the best soccer countries play in this event every four years.
  3. 4. He leads all the MCA soccer clubs.
  4. 7. This is the size of the MCA soccer field.
  5. 8. You can't use your hands, but you can score with this instead of your feet.
  6. 9. He tells the players what to do.
  7. 11. A strong Spanish team.
  8. 13. The number of minutes in a soccer game.
  9. 15. The color of the MCA soccer field.
  1. 1. If you don't have this, you have nothing to kick.
  2. 2. He is the leader of the players on the field.
  3. 5. The player who uses his hands.
  4. 6. You might get this if you commit a very bad foul.
  5. 7. A great Korean player. He also plays in England.
  6. 10. He gives out cards.
  7. 12. If the weather is this, we can't play soccer outside.
  8. 14. Players wear this with their number on it.