1. 2. book series where a girl falls in love with a vampire and also a werewolf
  2. 4. the place where the lethargarians live in "phantom tollbooth"
  3. 7. the last name of the family in "Series of Unfortunate Events"
  4. 9. book where a scientist brings a green monster to life with lightning
  5. 10. book series about a young wizard fighting a dark wizard
  6. 12. book where main character is a puppet whose nose grows if he lies
  7. 13. book series where boy finds out he is the son of a Greek god
  1. 1. book series where hero saves the day in his whitey tighties
  2. 3. the name of the lake Aunt Josephine dies in
  3. 5. the things that kill Aunt Josephine in "Series of Unfortunate Events"
  4. 6. word for japanese comic books
  5. 8. _____ in wonderland
  6. 11. best selling manga of all time