General Knowledge

  1. 5. My whole structure includes 22 bones, I hold the dearest sensory organs but masked by one.
  2. 6. I am the only element that can exist without any neutrons.
  3. 8. I am a wave that acts in silence, you can see around me but not me, even when I am in front of you, my only weakness is an object that turns me away from you and makes several other things out of me.How cruel.
  4. 9. I make up 84% of the earth's volume but I am mostly made up of rocks, and you can't touch me, unless you want to be scorched.(200-4000 degrees Celsius)
  5. 15. the resistance to the motion of one object moving relative to another
  6. 16. The Amazon Rain forest produces 20% of me for the earth and a key factor in combustion.
  7. 17. Father of Science
  8. 18. Known as the 'Red Planet'
  9. 19. I'm a mineral found naturally in the earth, as a product of two parents who completely oppose each other.
  10. 20. I think pretty highly of myself. Without me there would be no trees, or any plants as a matter of fact.Even you depend on me, you just don't know it yet.
  11. 21. Brain of the cell
  12. 22. I wouldn't exist without you, and yet still you don't want me. I represent three types in my form.
  13. 24. I am the second most abundant yet the lightest and the least dense at the table.
  14. 26. I am very dense and hot, I'm almost the size of the moon, but I only need 2,900 Km to reach to you.
  15. 27. I am thin but thick when under a mountain, but either way people constantly walk on me like I don't have any feelings.
  16. 28. I am the brightest rock you will find, named after the goddess of love and beauty but I still have no one to gaze upon.
  17. 30. Total of all things that exist
  18. 31. I am told to be very hot, for me sexy is an understatement, people always make me feel like I am the center of the universe and maybe I am.
  19. 32. The force of attraction that holds two atoms together to make a molecule or compound
  1. 1. An educated guess about a solution to a problem
  2. 2. The SI unit of mass
  3. 3. I am the cool you down if you are hot and I'll be there to protect you from every shock.
  4. 4. Something that can be observed and studied that is unusual or difficult to understand.
  5. 7. I am the study of life itself, even when you are not living.
  6. 10. I can be short, I can be long, I can break but that would depend on how fragile you are.
  7. 11. Powerhouse of the cell
  8. 12. It can be measured but has no width,length or height
  9. 13. My life is like a cycle, and your body is my host,You come running to me breathless, because you need me the most.
  10. 14. Liquid component of Blood
  11. 23. I am excellent to taste but horrible to smell
  12. 24. I am strong and that's why I take the one thing you can't live without then transforms it into something you would call waste
  13. 25. kilometre, meter, centimeter, millimeter
  14. 27. I am the fifth most abundant metal in the earth, apart from my major functions, I help to circulate your blood, move muscles, and release hormones.
  15. 29. A pure simple chemical that cannot be broken down into any other substances. It only has one kind of atom.