1. 2. One of their chronographs is nicknamed the "Dufourgraph" due to it being a favorite of the master watchmaker Philippe Dufour.
  2. 3. A manufacture named after the Dresden-trained watchmaker who founded The German School of Watchmaking in 1878.
  3. 6. Known for their Bauhaus aesthetic in their timepieces.
  4. 7. Known for making more affordable homage designs of many Rolex references.
  5. 8. Known for creating timepieces with a singlehand to indicate the time.
  6. 10. A manufacture which originated in 1925 as Lacher & Co., known for their pilot's watches today.
  1. 1. A Swatch Group owned German watch manufacture formed in the wake of VEB GUB and notably makes 95% of components in-house.
  2. 4. Known for their robust watches with submarine-grade steel and TEGIMENT coatings.
  3. 5. A Hamburg-based independent manufacture, with a brand name that begins with the same letter as its location.
  4. 9. An independent manufacture founded, and named after his last name, by master watchmaker and GPHG laureate Stefan.