1. 2. This queen biopic and no time to die villain actor was enlisted by Cartier to be an ambassador for the brand.
  2. 4. This NFL GOAT reps the three letter king of aviation watches.
  3. 7. The king of clay is known for wearing Richard Mille while on the court.
  4. 9. This packers QB reaches for the stars with Zenith.
  5. 10. This euphoric actor was fond of the Monaco long before they became an ambassador for TAG Heuer.
  1. 1. This tennis superstar represents "the art of fusion" manufacture Hublot.
  2. 3. Known as the GOAT of women's tennis, this superstar wears her Royal Oak Chronograph during match play.
  3. 5. This grammy winning musician/producer/DJ wore a Royal Oak before he became an ambassador for AP.
  4. 6. This gray man was revealed to be an ambassador of the racing "don't crack under pressure" watch brand.
  5. 8. This strange hero reps the watchmaker's watchmaker JLC both on and off-screen.