1. 3. ___ Maiʻi ’92 says that we should try to “make family meals more sacred.”
  2. 5. The fourth grade class, the Class of 2031, has grown to ___-six students.
  3. 7. Which superhero was one of the first published superheroes by Marvel Comics in 1939 and made his MCU debut in a recent movie?
  4. 8. Alumna Nikki Ann-Yee ’01 and her two sisters came up with the idea for the Maʻi ___ to help improve the issue of period poverty.
  1. 1. ___ International Airport is a major airport in Sri Lanka.
  2. 2. Our school won ___ state championships in just the fall sports season.
  3. 4. Proconsul Kaiya Inouye joined became involved with the SAO (Student Activities Office) in ___ grade.
  4. 6. Mr. ___ is the secret Imua staff name on the Study Break.
  5. 9. What is the second most popular Christmas movie among our students?