2023 Fringe Audio Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. In the FOLEY GUY: A ROMANCE, who is the creator of foley effects?
  2. 5. In INDIA WHEN YOU'RE 20, the plane landed in this city on its way to Delhi?
  3. 7. In NIGHT OF THE BLOODTHRISTY OTTERS, Marly Mae owns this type of establishment.
  4. 8. In THE PASTIE MONOLOGUES, the stories come from members of which awarding-winning troupe?
  1. 1. In HOPE LAFFERTY'S EXISTENTIAL CRISIS, how many drunk American women need rides home?
  2. 2. In THE YEAR OF EXTRAORDINARY TRAVEL, Becca doesn't transition between things gracefully, but she always finds what?
  3. 4. A MATTER OF RED HERRINGS takes place in this city.
  4. 6. CAPTAIN FLASHMAN wrestles this item from the old man on the airplane.