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  1. 3. This state is located in tornado alley and is one of the largest states in the US.
  2. 5. Its capital is Cheyenne and here you can see Grand Teton National Park.
  3. 9. It’s has a shore names after itself and it has Liberty State Park.
  4. 11. This peninsula is near the Gulf of Mexico and capital is Tallahassee.
  5. 12. Here you can see Rocky Mountain National Park.
  6. 14. Here, you can visit Milwaukee and Port Washington.
  7. 15. Its capital is Concord and is home to Mt. Washington.
  8. 16. Its capital is Topeka and it is found in tornado alley.
  9. 17. It is home to Philadelphia, Hershey, and Pittsburg.
  10. 21. Here you can visit Louisville and Mammoth Cave National Park.
  11. 23. Its capital is Columbia and it has Myrtle Beach.
  12. 27. Here, Mount Rushmore is found along with the capital Pierre.
  13. 29. It’s an island and is the 50th state of the US.
  14. 31. Its capital is Carson City and is above Arizona on a map.
  15. 32. Its capital is Nashville and is home to Elvis Prestly.
  16. 35. It is home to Charleston and Canaan Valley.
  17. 39. Its neighboring states are California and New Mexico.
  18. 41. Its capital is Lincoln and you can see North Platte here.
  19. 43. Is capital is Dover and has Rehoboth Beach.
  20. 45. This state is located on the West Coast and its capital is Sacramento.
  21. 46. Its capital is a city named after itself and its basketball team is the Thunder.
  22. 47. Here you can visit St. Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City.
  23. 48. Here you can visit Baltimore and Chesapeake Valley.
  1. 1. In this state, there is Cleveland and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  2. 2. This state’s capital is Augusta and is abbreviated ME.
  3. 4. Its capital is Hartford and has Mystic Seaport.
  4. 6. It has the city of Detroit and is bordering the Great Lakes.
  5. 7. In this state, there is the Statue of Liberty.
  6. 8. Its capital is Indianapolis and has Michigan City.
  7. 10. Its capital is Jackson and its abbreviation is MS.
  8. 13. This state's capital is Salem and one of its major lakes is Crater Lake.
  9. 14. This state is located in the Pacific Northwest and has the space needle.
  10. 15. Its capital is Raleigh and has the Baltimore Estate.
  11. 18. This state's capital is Santa Fe and was founded in 1610.
  12. 19. Its home to New Orleans.
  13. 20. Its capital is Little Rock and it has Eureka Springs.
  14. 22. Its capital is Boston and is home to Cape Cod.
  15. 24. Its capital is Salt Lake City.
  16. 25. This state is a peninsula and its neighboring country is Canada.
  17. 26. Here, you can see West Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.
  18. 28. Here you can see Cedar Falls and Clear Lake.
  19. 30. Here There are the Twin Falls and the capital Boise.
  20. 33. Its capital is Montpelier and has Lake Champlain.
  21. 34. Its capital is Saint Paul and one of its cities are Minneapolis.
  22. 36. This state’s capital is Providence and is on the East Coast.
  23. 37. This is the 39th state and you can find Devil's Lake here.
  24. 38. Its capital is Montgomery and has Gulf Shores.
  25. 40. Here you can visit Chicago and Bloomington.
  26. 42. Its capital is Atlanta and has Tybee Island.
  27. 44. There is a lot here, with Williamsburg and Lexington.