A Palatable Pig Puzzle!

  1. 3. Approximate average number of live births per litter
  2. 4. Pork from a leg cut that has been preserved by wet or dry curing, with or without smoking
  3. 7. A female pig that has not yet been bred and is less than six months old
  4. 11. The culinary name for the meat of a domestic pig
  5. 12. A 230 pound pig ready for processing
  6. 14. A medical professional who protects the health and well-being of animals
  7. 15. A litter of piglets
  8. 17. The intentional introduction of outdoor air into a space mainly used to control indoor air quality
  9. 20. A type of salt-cured pork made from various cuts, typically from the pork belly or from the less fatty back cuts
  1. 1. This instrument used to control the temperature for optimizing the pig's habitat
  2. 2. The main reason to raise pigs inside instead of outside
  3. 5. Another word for pig
  4. 6. A baby pig
  5. 8. A procedure used to deliver sperm directly to the cervix or uterus of a female in the hopes of getting her pregnant
  6. 9. Procedures intended to protect humans or animals against disease or harmful biological agents
  7. 10. An adult female pig
  8. 12. A byproduct of pig farming that is used as fertilizer on the land
  9. 13. The nutrition provided to domestic animals
  10. 16. A small-scale enclosure for raising domestic pigs
  11. 18. A breed of domestic pig that farrow large pigs
  12. 19. The number of days when a pig begins to eat