Australian wine

  1. 2. An island off South Australia devastated by bushfires
  2. 4. This producer has just released g4, a blend of four vintages of its flagship red
  3. 8. Henschke's flagship single-vineyard Shiraz (4,2,5)
  4. 9. Tahbilk has the world's largest single holding of this variety
  5. 12. Region home to Piper's River, Tamar Valley and Freycinet Peninsula
  6. 15. (6,7) This region, which straddles Victoria and New South Wales, is Australia's second largest, after Riverina
  7. 16. Which McLaren Vale winery features an iconic diagonal stripe across its labels? (1,8)
  8. 17. The Barossa Valley separates Eden Valley and what other valley, known for its Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz?
  9. 19. Australia's capital is also a wine district in New South Wales
  10. 20. This grape accounts for 30% of Australia's total plantings
  1. 1. Where would you find Prosecco Road? (4,6)
  2. 3. This soil contributes to the distinctive quality of Coonawarra Cabernet (5,5)
  3. 5. What variety links Elizabeth, Vat 1 and ILR Reserve?
  4. 6. In which state is the South Burnett wine region, Australia's most northerly?
  5. 7. Kevin John and Diana Madeleine are the top wines of which biodynamic estate?
  6. 9. Which Victorian peninsula is lauded for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay?
  7. 10. Which Victorian region is known for its fortified Muscat?
  8. 11. This auction house compiles a classification of Australia's top-performing wines
  9. 13. Famous Western Australian wine region (8,5)
  10. 14. Australia's largest GI wine region, which includes the subregions of Porongurup, Mt Barker, Albany, Denmark and Frankland River (5,8)
  11. 18. Mourvèdre is known in Australia by this synonym