AZ-305 Exam-Prep

  1. 6. Since many apps access data through file-based APIs, Azure __________________ is often a good solution to leverage when migrating existing applications to the cloud.
  2. 8. Log data that gets collected by Azure Monitor is analyzed with __________.
  3. 9. A _______________ Load Balancer can be used to manage outbound connections to the internet from Azure resources.
  4. 10. (4,2,4) A ____________________ VPN can be used to connect an on-prem network to an Azure virtual network, through an IPsec or IKE1/2 VPN tunnel over the internet.
  5. 12. The Single Server deployment option of Azure Database for MySQL comes in three pricing tiers: ________________, General Purpose, and Memory Optimized.
  6. 13. When you create blob storage, the _____________ tier is the default tier.
  7. 17. You can use Azure _____________ to create, enforce, and log application and network connectivity policies across multiple subscriptions and multiple virtual networks.
  8. 18. When a user authenticates from an Azure ADDS-joined device, applications can use ________________ or NTLM for authentication to support legacy applications that have been migrated to VMs in the cloud.
  9. 20. Can be used to provide just-in-time access to Azure AD and Azure resources.
  10. 21. Traffic Manager is often used to deploy _____________ applications that require high availability and disaster recovery.
  11. 23. Used to manage Entra ID joined Windows machines.
  12. 25. Azure ____________ evaluates Azure resources by comparing the properties of those resources to business rules that you define.
  1. 1. Used on Windows VMs to encrypt disks.
  2. 2. When you deploy an Azure resource, you automatically get DDoS protection via the _________ DDoS protection plan.
  3. 3. The _________________ service tier is designed for most business workloads. It offers auto-scaling storage, fluid vertical and horizontal compute scaling, fast database restore, and is only available for Single Azure SQL Databases.
  4. 4. Used on Linux VMs to encrypt disks.
  5. 5. To use traditional AD with Software-as-a-Service applications, you need to deploy a _____________ solution.
  6. 7. The part of Azure Monitor that monitors the availability, performance, and usage of web applications in the cloud and on-prem is called _____________ Insights.
  7. 10. Using dynamic _________________ allows a database to transparently respond to quickly-changing resource requirements. As a result, you only pay for the resources that you need when you need them.
  8. 11. (7,5) Allows you to extend your on-premise network into the Microsoft cloud over a private connection.
  9. 14. A user who has been assigned the Global _______________ role can access Azure Identity Protection.
  10. 15. Data that consists of numerical values that describe some aspect of a system at a specific point in time.
  11. 16. Management ______________ can be used to manage access, policy, and compliance for multiple subscriptions.
  12. 19. Azure _______________ is a service that you can deploy that allows you to connect to virtual machines via a web browser and the Azure portal.
  13. 22. A User _________________ Policy allows Identity Protection to calculate what it believes is normal for a user's behavior. It then uses this information to determine the probability that an identity has been compromised.
  14. 24. Azure __________________ storage leverages the NoSQL key-value model where data for a given item is stored as a set of fields, and the item is identified by a unique key.