1. 3. fourth position, the front foot is pointed and goes around
  2. 4. one foot tendu at the back, step on it, and point the other foot to the side. step on it again and finished with 5th position
  3. 7. tippy toes and one leg is raised to the back
  4. 13. first position feet and en bas arms
  5. 15. heels are together
  6. 16. slowly up go on your toes and raise your arms, then go back down
  7. 17. slight bend in your knees
  8. 18. first position legs with very bent knees and heels go off the ground
  9. 20. 2nd position, touch heels in the air while moving to the side, back to 2nd position
  1. 1. one leg lifted high in the air
  2. 2. arms curved in front of your belly button
  3. 5. point one foot
  4. 6. jump into a split in the air
  5. 8. once leg in a tendu goes up, bounces, then goes back down
  6. 9. raise first position arms in the air
  7. 10. spinning on one foot with the other foot in passe
  8. 11. en bas rises to first position, the opens to second position arms, arms float up slightly, then back down to en bas
  9. 12. tendu then bring leg down
  10. 14. one leg bent with toes pointed touching the other leg
  11. 19. like ronde jamb but the foot goes to the first position after every move