banned books week 2022

  1. 3. The suppression of media that is deemed obscene or inappropriate
  2. 6. A classic with an enigmatic protagonist, crazy parties, and murder all taking place during the roaring 20s.
  3. 7. The #1 banned book in America. This graphic novel was censored because of its LGBTQ content and sexually explicit images
  4. 8. Someone who produces literary works
  5. 9. The right to act and speak however you want without restraint
  1. 1. Wizards and witches, a boy that lives under a stairwell, and he who shall not be named
  2. 2. A community whose stories are frequently targeted by governments when discussing books to ban
  3. 4. The refusal to agree with something you don't approve of
  4. 5. The government forces poor people to fight to the death for sport. Our protagonist leads a rebellion
  5. 6. A book that depicts racial injustice and is usually read in high schools across the US