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  1. 2. forms that follow a mathematical order
  2. 4. a style or flattening of shapes
  3. 7. the organization of parts of a shape that determines its appearance
  4. 9. created by placing shapes on top of other shapes on a 2D plane to create a 3D effect
  5. 10. forms that have broken borders that allows color and texture to mix with other colors on the surface
  6. 12. warm ________ give a "closer" appearance whereas cool _________ are more remote
  7. 13. shapes made by humans, such as a chair
  8. 14. consists of reducing visual elements to present only essential images and maintains proportions
  9. 17. an art style where there is little similarity between the shapes and real physical shapes
  10. 19. occurs when place different sized shapes on a 2D plane to create depth
  1. 1. a form that has two dimensions
  2. 3. shapes that have defined borders and can be silhouettes and are drawn with unbroken outlines
  3. 5. simplifies shapes to communicate a visual message
  4. 6. shapes that appear to have a 3D appearance
  5. 8. an image of everyday objects or scenes in a style that resembles a photo
  6. 10. forms that have an irregular outline and inner surface
  7. 11. dimension of a shape in comparison to others around it
  8. 15. a style of art that represents objects or scenes that resembles real shapes but not a realistic picture
  9. 16. forms that are found in nature, such as an animal
  10. 18. occurs when color creates the appearance of closeness and distance