1. 4. the line running the length of the court
  2. 8. a shot taken from very near the basket following a dribble and a leap toward the basket. (Maximum 2 steps)
  3. 11. a method to put the ball into play by tossing it into the air between two opponents
  4. 12. restart of play if the ball goes out of bounds, after a made shot, and starting a new period or half
  5. 13. losing possession of the ball
  6. 14. the height is 10 feet
  7. 16. occurs when an individual is dribbling the ball and stops the dribble, then dribbles again
  8. 17. an offensive player with the ball moving into a stationary player who has an established position
  1. 1. game tied at the end of regulation
  2. 2. inventor of the game of basketball
  3. 3. unguarded shot
  4. 5. another name for the endline
  5. 6. a serious offense against the rules or illegal contact with an opponent (pushing, holding, & reaching in)
  6. 7. another name for the free throw lane
  7. 9. position in basketball
  8. 10. a shot at the basket that rebounds off the backboard
  9. 15. to run illegally with the basketball or move the feet while in possession of the ball