1. 1. you block a person on the other team so your teammate can run past him
  2. 3. when you pass the ball to a player that then
  3. 4. when someone misses a shot and you get the ball
  4. 6. when you can run up the side of the court
  5. 7. the best shooter on the team
  6. 11. you attempt to shoot but it doesn't hit the rim
  7. 12. when the ball goes through the hoop
  8. 14. one of the biggest plauers that get the rebounds and pass across the court
  9. 15. the biggest player that gets the ball and pivots to see where he can pass to
  10. 16. you jump up and make the basket mid-air
  1. 1. the quicker players that can also dribble and shoot well
  2. 2. the best ballhandler on the team
  3. 5. you get this when you score a basket
  4. 8. when you bounce the ball on the court
  5. 9. your side of the court, furthest away from the opponents hoop
  6. 10. they take this when they get fouled
  7. 13. you run to the basket jump up the lightly push the ball into the net