1. 4. a player who leads the offense for a team
  2. 6. A movement of running forcefully into another player whilst dribbling
  3. 7. The action of being successful of maneuvering around the court
  4. 8. A sport invented by James Naismith
  5. 11. The action of making a badly missed shot in basketball
  6. 12. a professional basketball league in north america
  7. 13. The act of breaking a rule in basketball
  8. 16. The inventor of basketball
  9. 18. When your team has the ball and is trying to get a goal
  10. 19. This penalty, which results in a turnover, occurs when a player holds the ball excessively at the apex while dribbling.
  11. 21. The combined score of the nuggets versing the pistons in 1983
  12. 22. The other team
  1. 1. when the other team has the ball and you have to try and get it off them
  2. 2. The place where the ball goes in and counts as 2 points
  3. 3. A location where people may want to play basketball in for games
  4. 5. An offensive action where a team attempts to advance the ball and score as quickly as possible after a steal, blocked shot or rebound
  5. 9. The place where basketball was invented
  6. 10. This person played for The lakers, Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. 14. Individuals who participate in the sport of basketball
  8. 15. A 3 point legend
  9. 17. When a shot goes up, players use this technique, which involves widening their stance and arms and using their body as a barrier to get in better rebounding position
  10. 20. A statistic that occurs when a player passes the ball to someone who scores after receiving the pass. The passing player earns an assist in the stat sheet.