Bees and the Summer Dearth

  1. 3. new beekeepers sometimes think this late afternoon behavior is robbing
  2. 4. When hungry bees attack another hive to take its stores
  3. 7. If you have a screened bottom board, flakes of this below it indicate that your hive has been robbed.
  4. 8. A time between spring flowers and nectar and the winter or fall flow (if you are so lucky)
  5. 12. the typically peaceful hive may have this type of attitude during a dearth
  6. 14. the opposite of quiet - how bees sound during the dearth
  7. 15. population of bees is high in summer and the _________ of bees create stress for the hive
  8. 17. If you feed your hive during this period, the feeder should be located: ______ the hive
  9. 18. your bees may visit your neighbor's ____ during the summer and disturb the fun
  10. 19. A good thing to plant - especially ones that bloom in the dearth - to help our bees by providing in essence a meadow
  1. 1. you see this on the outside of the hive during the dearth because fewer bees are out foraging with no nectar and it's really hot inside the hive
  2. 2. the simplest robber screen is made of this "cloth" stapled over the entrance
  3. 5. how much wax will your bees make during the dearth?
  4. 6. putting a wet one of these over the hive may stop a robbery
  5. 9. what you should do to your hive entrance during this period
  6. 10. During the dearth, a hive can use up its stores of this quite quickly
  7. 11. The bees experience a shortage of this during the dearth
  8. 12. bees may do this during the dearth but they do not swarm
  9. 13. the end of the bloom of this type of poplar signals the end of the nectar flow in middle Georgia
  10. 16. used to block the entrance of the hive to protect against thieves