Bible History

  1. 2. Where God told Moses to take off his shoes.
  2. 4. Those who died in Egypt during the 10th plague.
  3. 8. The man whose donkey spoke to him when an angel stood in front of him with a sword.
  4. 10. Jacob's youngest son.
  5. 11. Moses' sister.
  6. 13. The number of sons Noah had.
  7. 14. The number of cities of refuge God told the children of Israel to appoint for those who mistakenly killed someone.
  8. 15. The land where the Tower of Babel was built.
  9. 17. What the Jews celebrate yearly, because God did not kill any of their oldest children while they were in Egypt.
  10. 19. The name of Adam & Eve's oldest son.
  11. 20. The country Joseph was taken to as a slave.
  12. 22. What God fed the Israelites during their years wandering in the wilderness.
  13. 23. He led the Israelites after Moses died.
  14. 25. How old Noah was when the flood come.
  15. 27. The name God gave Jacob after wrestling with him and prevailing.
  16. 29. The wife Jacob loved and worked 14 years for.
  17. 30. The number of spies sent out to search the land of Canaan.
  18. 31. What God brought upon Egypt because Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go.
  19. 35. The name of the woman prophetess who judged Israel.
  20. 36. Abraham's original name.
  21. 37. What stood still in the heavens for Joshua when he fought against the Amorites.
  22. 38. The number of years the Israelites wondered in the wilderness.
  1. 1. The name of Ishmael's (Abraham's son) mother.
  2. 3. The name of the city that Lot pitched his tent toward.
  3. 5. The name of Judah's daughter-in-law who pretended to be a harlot.
  4. 6. The name of the harlot that was saved when Jericho fell.
  5. 7. The number of years Joseph understood would be a time of plenty in Egypt.
  6. 9. The man who lived for 969 years.
  7. 12. The first body of water that the Israelites walked through on dry land.
  8. 16. What God wrote with His own finger on stone.
  9. 18. The number of languages spoken before the Tower of Babel was built.
  10. 21. What Jacob saw angels ascending and descending on.
  11. 24. The name of Isaac's wife.
  12. 25. What Joseph had hidden in Benjamin's sack.
  13. 26. The land on the east of Eden.
  14. 28. The tribe of Israel Moses was born into.
  15. 32. The son of Cush who was a mighty hunter.
  16. 33. The name of the man of Israel God used to deliver Israel from the Midianites with trumpets, pitchers, and lamps inside the pitchers.
  17. 34. The strongest man who had seven locks.
  18. 37. What God told Moses to make so that He could dwell among the Israelites.