Birth of Moses

  1. 5. What his mother made an ark of.
  2. 6. The name given him because she drew him out of the water.
  3. 7. What God made for the midwives because they feared him.
  4. 10. The relative who watched over him while he was in the ark.
  5. 11. What Moses' mother was given to take care of him.
  6. 12. The one who fetched the ark from the water.
  7. 14. The man whose daughter came to wash herself at the river.
  8. 15. The country of the king that wanted to kill the male Israelite children.
  9. 16. The nationality of the women that were lively in delivering their children.
  1. 1. What the woman felt for baby Moses.
  2. 2. What his mother laid the ark in, by the river's brink.
  3. 3. They walked along by the river's side.
  4. 4. What baby Moses' mother was called to be for him.
  5. 6. The title of the women that saved the men children alive.
  6. 8. What Moses' mother daubed the ark with.
  7. 9. What did baby Moses do when the ark was opened.
  8. 13. The number of months Moses' mother hid him.