BJU Life Science Chapter 3

  1. 6. long,hairlike extensions for a cell membrane that aid in movement
  2. 7. an organelle in plants that contains chlorophyll & other pigments; the organelle in which photosynthesis occurs
  3. 8. short,hairlike extensions for a cell membrane that aid in movement
  4. 9. the thick fluid inside a cell that contains organelles; all the material inside a cell except the nucleus
  5. 12. the movement of molecules across a cell membrane, requiring the use of cellular energy
  6. 13. a form of passive transportaion which molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
  7. 15. a membrane that only certain molecules can pass through
  8. 18. a unicellular organism that does not have a membrane around its genetic material & that lacks membrane-bound organelles
  9. 20. a non-membrane-bound organelle that directs the assembling of proteins
  1. 1. an organelle consisting of membranes that enable substances to be transported throughout the cell
  2. 2. a rigid structure manufactured by cells of plants, fungi, algae,and most bacteria to surround the cell membrane
  3. 3. the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
  4. 4. an organelle that contains digestive enzymes for disposing of foreign particles and worn out cellular structures
  5. 5. the movement of substances across a cell membrane without the use of cellular energy
  6. 10. an organelle that collects chemicals from the cytoplasm,processes them, and secretes them
  7. 11. the organelle in eukaryotes that contains chromosomes; the control center of the cell
  8. 14. the thin covering that forms the outer boundary of a cell and that is composed of phospholipids & proteins
  9. 16. the organelles in which aerobic respiration occurs to release usable energy from food
  10. 17. a membrane sac that stores various substances, such as water, food, or waste within a cell
  11. 19. a unicellular or multicellular organism whose cell or cells have a nucleus & other membrane-bound organelles