Black History Month

  1. 2. This war was fought between the Northern and Southern states
  2. 4. The condition of being free or freed; liberty.
  3. 6. ________________ King Jr was a civil rights leader that practiced peaceful protests
  4. 9. Means to get rid of or do away with
  5. 11. Means to separate or place apart from others or from the majority of a group, people, or the like; isolate.
  6. 12. A large farm or estate used for growing rubber, cotton, or other crops to sell.
  7. 13. Means to stop the practice of having separate schools and other facilities for people of different races.
  8. 16. _____________ The president that abolished slavery in southern states when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.
  9. 18. a secret system established by former slaves and abolitionists before the U.S. Civil War to help fugitive slaves reach places of safety.
  10. 19. This was a nickname for the slave Araminta Ross
  1. 1. A person in charge of running and maintaining a property such as a plantation or landed estate.
  2. 3. The state that B. T. Washington was born in
  3. 5. The group of states known as The Union during the Civil War
  4. 7. Harriet _________ was an escaped slave and a conductor on the Underground Railroad
  5. 8. Means to get free
  6. 10. ___________ T. Washington walked 500 miles to reach the Hampton Institute
  7. 11. The group of states known as The Confederacy during the Civil War
  8. 14. the owning of people by other people; bondage.
  9. 15. ________ Douglass was an escaped slave; advisor to President Lincoln during the Civil War
  10. 17. The state that Frederick D. and Harriet T. were born in