ABT Black History Month Crossword Puzzle

  1. 4. This American songstress inspired for the opening song in Ballet Theatre’s hit 1944 ballet, Billie _________?
  2. 7. In 2020 ABT launched this program where Representation and Inclusion Sustain Exellence
  3. 8. Erica Lall created a bun for this time period of ballet.
  4. 10. Last Fall this dancer was promoted to Principal Dancer, Calvin
  5. 11. Gabe Stone Shayer collaborated with this R&B singer
  6. 12. The origins of this month can be traced to 1915
  7. 14. In 1997 he became ABT's first black Principal Dancer , Desmond ___________
  8. 15. The pioneering artistic director of Dance Theater of Harlem, Arthur
  9. 17. This fall, Gabe Stone Shayer became the seventh black dancer to be promoted to this rank at ABT.
  1. 1. Shoes and tights were dyed in boiling 30-gallon
  2. 2. This dancer became the first female African-American promoted to principal dancer in ABT’s 75 year history.
  3. 3. This person was Courtney Lavine’s mentor.
  4. 5. This work was created by Agnes De Mille and premiered in 1940.
  5. 6. This is ABT’s associate wardrobe supervisor.
  6. 9. Alvin Ailey’s first ballet for ABT
  7. 13. Mikhail Baryshnikov collaborated with famous Alvin Ailey dancer Judith
  8. 16. What household item did Erica Lall use to pull her hair into a bun?