Blast from the Past: A SAPL Historical Fiction Crossword

  1. 3. Forester’s Napoleonic Wars-era Navy officer
  2. 8. Recent winner of the Amazon Canada First Novel Award
  3. 9. Rushdie wrote "Midnight's Children" about a child born on the night of this country's Independence
  4. 10. "Hidden Figures" is about the integral work of three Black women at this acronymic organization
  5. 12. Kristin Hannah’s bird-named WW2 book
  6. 17. Author of the tale of adventuring trio, "The Three Musketeers"
  7. 18. Author of the long-running Kingsbridge series
  8. 19. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" home city
  9. 20. “Where the Crawdads Sing” writer
  1. 1. Toni Morrison's 1988 novel set after the American Civil War, which also won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  2. 2. Yaa Gyasi's "Homegoing" is an intergenerational family saga originating in this African country
  3. 4. Chronologically complicated series about the romance between a Highland warrior and a British nurse
  4. 5. Home of Marquez and his centennial family saga
  5. 6. Alonso Quixano is also known as "The Man of" this region
  6. 7. Maybe the most famous wife of Henry VIII
  7. 11. "The Crucible" is about this city's witch trials
  8. 13. Author of "Kindred" the first sci fi novel written by a Black woman
  9. 14. This author wrote "Obasan" which is about the forced imprisonment of Japanese Canadians
  10. 15. "War and Peace" writer
  11. 16. Romeo and Juliet reside in this "fair" city
  12. 17. Flowery first name of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book set in 1960s LA