Bodies of Water Crossword

  1. 4. A man-made waterway used for transportation, irrigation, or drainage.
  2. 5. Long, narrow inlets of the sea bordered by steep cliffs created by glacial erosion.
  3. 10. A large, inland body of standing water surrounded by land.
  4. 11. A shallow body of salt or fresh water separated from the ocean by a barrier, such as a reef or sandbar.
  1. 1. A flowing body of water, usually freshwater, that drains into the ocean or another larger waterbody.
  2. 2. A large, coastal inlet of the ocean partially enclosed by land.
  3. 3. A structure built across a river or other waterway to hold back and control the flow of water.
  4. 6. A vast body of saltwater that covers the majority of the Earth's surface.
  5. 7. A narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water, such as oceans or seas.
  6. 8. A large expanse of saltwater, usually referring to the world's five oceans.
  7. 9. A body of water partially enclosed by land and connected to the ocean or a larger body of water.