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  1. 2. It's between your head and your shoulders.
  2. 3. It is inside your head. You use it to think.
  3. 6. You can wear a ring on it.
  4. 8. Not front.
  5. 10. The finger that is different from the other four.
  6. 11. It's in the middle of your face. You use it to smell things.
  7. 12. People normally have two of them. They use them to walk.
  8. 15. An organ in your belly. All the food that you eat goes there.
  9. 16. The things between your belly and your legs. They move when you walk.
  10. 18. It covers your body.
  11. 19. The thing at the end of your leg.
  1. 1. You have two of them. You use them to listen to things.
  2. 2. The things at the end of people's fingers and toes. Elegant women colour them with varnish.
  3. 4. People normally have two of them. You will use them if you want to give somebody a hug.
  4. 5. It has four fingers and one thumb.
  5. 7. People normally have two of them. They use them to see things.
  6. 9. Because of it, your leg is able to bend.
  7. 10. They are in your mouth
  8. 12. Your mouth has two of them.
  9. 13. It's above your hips. You wear your belt there.
  10. 14. You can see it moving when you breathe.
  11. 16. When you wash it, you usually use shampoo and conditioner.
  12. 17. You have fingers on your hand. But what do you have on your foot?