1. 3. books that have stories told in pictures with a bit of writing
  2. 5. a person who writes books
  3. 8. a book that describes real events and people
  4. 10. a book about a persons life written by that person himself
  5. 11. a recorded reading of a book that you can listen to
  6. 12. a book in digital form, can be read on smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.
  7. 15. a book about events which didnt really take place
  8. 16. a book that describes a story of a real persons life
  1. 1. a state of anxiety, the anticipation of an outcome
  2. 2. a book that has a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings or translates them into another language
  3. 4. a person who draws pictures for books
  4. 6. a book with information about many different subjects or about one subject usually put in alphabetical order
  5. 7. a book with recipes for preparing food
  6. 9. a short story that tells a moral truth, often using animals as characters
  7. 13. story that describes situations that are very different from real life, usually involving magic
  8. 14. someone who likes reading books