1. 1. A thrilling and exciting story that involves dangerous or risky situations and courageous characters.
  2. 4. Imaginary or made-up stories that are not based on real events or people.
  3. 5. A book that tells the story of a real person's life, including their achievements, experiences, and challenges.
  4. 10. A narrative about imaginary or real-life events, often written to entertain or teach a lesson.
  5. 11. An exciting or daring experience, often involving a journey or exploration, that is described in a book.
  6. 12. Stories or legends that explain the origins of things or the beliefs of a particular culture or civilization.
  7. 14. A reference book that provides information on various topics, organized alphabetically.
  8. 15. Books that provide factual information about real-life subjects, such as history, science, or biographies.
  1. 2. A reference book that lists words in alphabetical order and provides definitions, pronunciations, and meanings.
  2. 3. An imaginative genre of literature that includes magical or supernatural elements and takes place in fictional worlds.
  3. 6. Book A book that tells a story through illustrations or images, often accompanied by simple text.
  4. 7. A form of literature that uses rhythmic and expressive language to convey emotions, ideas, or experiences.
  5. 8. A book used to record personal thoughts, experiences, or reflections.
  6. 9. A story that presents a problem or puzzle to be solved, usually involving a crime or a secret that needs uncovering.
  7. 13. A book or magazine that tells a story using a combination of pictures and dialogue in a series of panels.