1. 3. Lost Island Discover a mysterious island and unravel its hidden secrets.
  2. 4. Explorers Join a group of kids on an exciting journey through space.
  3. 5. Magic Lighthouse Explore a magical lighthouse and the enchanting world around it.
  4. 6. at Midnight Solve a thrilling mystery that unfolds under the moonlight.
  5. 8. of Wonders Step into a whimsical circus filled with magical performances.
  6. 10. Rumble Join a team of young engineers in an epic robot-building contest.
  7. 11. for the Crystal Follow young heroes on a quest to find a powerful crystal.
  8. 13. Travelers' Quest Travel through time with a group of friends on a grand quest.
  9. 14. Academy Attend a school for young superheroes and their epic training.
  10. 15. Amazing Invention Witness the creation of a fantastic invention by young inventors.
  1. 1. of the Sky Join a group of sky explorers on a quest to find mythical creatures.
  2. 2. in Atlantis Embark on an underwater adventure to the lost city of Atlantis.
  3. 7. Treasure Hunt Set sail with a group of pirates in search of hidden treasure.
  4. 9. Agents Society Dive into the world of espionage and solve daring missions.
  5. 12. Enchanted Forest Follow the adventures of brave friends in a magical forest.