1. 2. Giver Lois Lowry wrote this book.
  2. 4. The main character has a legendary scar.
  3. 5. About a great park ranger with the help of his monkey.
  4. 6. The story of a dog who gets saved at the grocery store.
  5. 8. The story of a courageous rodent who fights for love instead of survival.
  6. 10. The main character writes all of his problems and accomplishments in a journal.
  7. 11. About two kids who are left home alone, when an animal as big as a giraffe brakes into their house.
  8. 12. About a teenager who discovers that hi is the son of a god and that the world depends on him.
  9. 13. About a bear who loves honey.
  1. 1. A unique girl in a totalitarian place.
  2. 2. About some kids who find a new world threw a closet.
  3. 3. Are you, are you, coming to the tree...
  4. 7. Okay? Okay?
  5. 9. Stephenie Meyer wrote this book.