1. 4. this book is the education of an orphan nicknamed Pip
  2. 5. Jeff Brumbeaus adaption of a timeless classic 'The Emperors New Clothes'
  3. 8. This story is about one **** to rule them all
  4. 12. Robert A. Heinlein brought us this story about our neighbour planet in 1949
  5. 13. andy Weir brought us this story about a Civilization on the moon
  6. 15. The code was brought to you by Dan Brown in 2003
  7. 18. Corinne La Mer isn't afraid of anything not even...
  8. 19. A Ben Hope adventure titled after a musical composer wrapped in deception
  9. 21. This sir gave us a timeless classic detective
  10. 22. This author brought us some classic stories such as 'Tales of the Otori' saga
  11. 24. children's classic writer and playwright Julia Donaldson
  12. 25. This lady brought us many adventures from the diary of Adrian Mole
  1. 1. This author gave us the perspective of War torn Nigeria in the 60's 'Under the udala tree'
  2. 2. This author gave us the gothic legend 'Dracula'
  3. 3. Stephen King tells us this sci-fi story from 22009 about a force-field
  4. 6. another detective fictional creation by classic writer Agatha Christie
  5. 7. This author had their 2004 book adapted into a movie under the same name 'Cloud Atlas'
  6. 9. brought us this classic childrens adventure in 1998 'The Pirates' Ship'
  7. 10. C.S.Lewis will take you to this fictional land through the wardrobe
  8. 11. an allegorical novella by George Orwell
  9. 14. King of Persia
  10. 16. tragedy written by William Shakespeare, and the tale of two daughters who get everything, and one who gets none
  11. 17. Ian Fleming brought this character to life with many adventures including Dr No.
  12. 20. the story about the world-renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson
  13. 23. In 1897 H.G.Wells brought us this book about a man, of sorts
  14. 24. in 1983, Roald Dahl brought us this classic about women with purple eyes