BOStoday October Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. Name of the brewery that just opened its newest location in Brighton.
  2. 5. Nickname for the USS Constitution, which celebrated its 226th anniversary last month.
  3. 8. The organization that will host the first women's golf tournament in decades at TPC Boston.
  4. 9. This iconic restaurant has reopened at a new location in the Fenway after closing during to the pandemic.
  5. 11. The MBTA asked residents to vote on the appearance of new street cars for this subway branch.
  6. 12. This local company is moving the manufacturing team out of South Boston after over 100 years to the Andover facility.
  1. 1. This famous author was from Boston and known for mysterious + Gothic poems and tales.
  2. 3. The BCYF Nazzaro Community Center in this neighborhood was officially designated as a Boston Landmark.
  3. 4. The Head of the Charles is the largest edition of this three-day event.
  4. 6. The Fleurs de Villes pop-up event in the Pru will feature 16 mannequins dressed in this item.
  5. 7. The Bruins are celebrating this milestone season with events, special jerseys, and a new statue.
  6. 10. Laurie Cabot is the first official witch for this city.